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Audio Bounce

Easy and Lightweight Volumetric 'Occlusion - Reverb - Bounce' system for Unity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AudioBounce

1. What is AudioBounce?

AudioBounce is an advanced audio system tool for Unity, designed to provide a volumetric tridimensional audio experience. By automatically adjusting occlusion, reverberation, and sound positioning based on the surrounding 3D geometry, AudioBounce ensures a more immersive and realistic audio environment in-game.

2. How does AudioBounce enhance audio realism?

It repositions sounds based on natural reflections off surfaces and adjusts occlusion and reverberation values in real-time, based on changes in 3D volumes around the player. It's pretty cool!

3. Do I need to be an audio expert to use AudioBounce?

Absolutely not! While AudioBounce is a very complex system I've made it with as much hands-off and ease of use in mind. My goal was to make something that once put in place you'll forget it's even there unless it's missing.

4. How does AudioBounce handle dynamic in-game elements? AudioBounce seamlessly supports moving entities like enemies and dynamic structures, adjusting sound properties without any additional setup.

5. Will AudioBounce impact my game's performance?

AudioBounce is designed for efficiency. It distributes computational load across frames and threads, ensuring minimal impact on game performance. You will also be able to set how fast it computes so you can tailor it to your game as much as you want.

6. What is a Volumetric Audio Zone?

It's an additional component in AudioBounce that allows you to specify the volume across which a sound spreads turning your sounds from a spot to a 3d Volume. Just add it to your audio source, configure the volume area and you're set, the whole area will now emit that sound. Pretty handy for a river or a large operating machine, maybe some lava floor? You choose!

7. Once I've installed AudioBounce and added the main components to my scene do I have to do anything else to set up the audio in my scene?

Just place your audio sources in your Unity scene, add the AudioBounce component to them, and the tool handles the rest. I really didn't want to handle complicated audio setup for my game levels and now you don't have to either! You're welcome.

8. Can I customize the settings in AudioBounce?

Of course! While AudioBounce works effectively out of the box, it's also heavily customizable for those who wish to tweak specific parameters. Everything you can tweak is thoroughly explained with tooltips.

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