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Audio Bounce

Easy and Lightweight Volumetric 'Occlusion - Reverb - Bounce' system for Unity

Dive into a groundbreaking audio experience with AudioBounce. This innovative volumetric tridimensional audio system intuitively adjusts sound based on the environment, offering unparalleled realism:

  • Dynamic Adjustments: No more manual setups. AudioBounce detects changes in 3D objects, adjusting occlusion and reverberation in real-time.

  • Realistic Sound Bouncing: Sounds are repositioned based on their natural reflection off walls and objects, immersing players deeply.

  • Adaptable & Efficient: Seamlessly supports moving entities and structures, all while spreading computational load for optimized performance.

  • User-Friendly: Not an audio expert? No problem. AudioBounce is well-documented, easy to use, and tailored for all.

  • Bonus Features: Enjoy added components like Volumetric Audio Zones for even more depth.

Getting started is simple: place your audio sources, add the AudioBounce component, and let the tool elevate your game's audio.

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