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Audio Bounce

Easy and Lightweight Volumetric 'Occlusion - Reverb - Bounce' system for Unity

Originally born for my own in development game needs where I had to solve the problem of populating a ton of environments with realistic and immersive audio in a multitude of procedurally generated levels.

Being a very complicated task for a solo dev using the standard Unity triggers and volumes system I took inspiration from AAA games techniques to solve this problem once and for all!


AudioBounce turns the time consuming (and costly) practice of setting up audio volumes, gates, triggers for each room or area to simulate occlusion and reverberation of your game to a simple "just drag and drop the sound where you want it" and "add the AB_SoundRegister component to it" and that’s it! AudioBounce will take care of everything else in real time while also adding much more needed features and realism to it automatically!


Here’s a list of the main features:

  • Natural Sound Bouncing: AudioBounce positions sounds to mimic how they'd naturally echo off walls and objects in a 3D way.


  • Dynamic Audio Adjustments: It tweaks sound properties like occlusion and reverberation based on the 3D layout around the player.


  • Automatic Handling: Say goodbye to manual setups. AudioBounce detects and adapts to moving objects and changing environments in real-time. And yes, by moving objects I mean entities like enemies as well… trust me, you’ll thank me later for this.


  • Optimized Performance: Engineered for efficiency, AudioBounce spreads its computational load across frames and threads in a highly customizable variety of ways. At a speed of 0.3ms∼ with standard settings makes it possible to include this feature in games targeted for up to 240fps out of the box and can be configured to be faster and more precise at a higher cost if you want!


  • Beginner-Friendly: AudioBounce is ready to work with minimal setup and knowledge by design but also includes a lot of advanced capabilities. Every feature is well-documented and explained in depth with tooltips on the tool itself, welcoming both newcomers and audio pros.


In essence, AudioBounce takes care of the complex audio work at as little or as much performance cost you need, letting you focus on crafting your game!

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